December 6 - 7, 2017 |
Santa Clara Marriott, Santa Clara

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At the Game Quality Forum:

  •  Network with senior leaders from core development services including QA, CS, L10N, Producers and Studio Leadership
  •  Have open and honest discussions with key cross-departmental internal stakeholders in order to improve working relationships, workflows and, ultimately game quality
  •  Discover the latest tools and trends, and learn how and when to – or not to – use them to achieve the best results
  •  Find out how developers and publishers across all platforms and continents discover, develop and retain top talent

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Exclusive Content

[Exclusive Insight] Sony Interactive Entertainment on The Sound of Quality

A thoroughly immersive and authentic gaming experience that appears tailor-made for each geographic region of release. A statement of this nature can only be earned through well localized and quality checked audio.

Gaming IQ speaks to Chris Burgess of Sony Computer Entertainment as he shares valuable insight and experiences on producing quality audio localization!

Quality Built In - Not Tested In!

Marcus Purvis, head of the EMEA quality engineering team at ‎Microsoft, is calling for  a ‘radical movement’. By looking at testing as a process rather than a discipline, his team is approaching quality assurance by 'building it in' throughout development rather than merely testing it after the fact. At Microsoft, test teams and SDETs do not exist in the way they used to and software is tested without testers, but with everyone involved in eliminating bugs as they go...

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EBOOK: Top Tips from 7 Game QA and Localisation Experts

Large game developers and small-to-mid-sized studios are today seeing Quality Assurance as a priority as the games industry continues to attract wide audiences across a growing variety of platforms. In this complimentary eBook, Gaming IQ collates insight from some of the world's leading games companies and senior QA leaders, including Sega, Sony Computer Entertainment, CCP Games, Jagex, Microsoft GTO Europe, Unity and GlobalStep. Game QA & Localisation is the world's only two-day forum, entirely dedicated to these issues.

The importance of customer service in the player experience

Over the years in the gaming industry, the perception of QA has changed. Now, QA is entirely part of the whole player experience and is starting to be recognized for doing so, by constantly improving games. In this exclusive interview with Chris Whittington, Director of Player Care at Scopely and Fernan Kalaw, Director of Customer Support and Quality Metrics, discover what place Customer Service has in the player experience. 

Focus on automation in gaming: a necessary investment to an increased efficiency

Delivering a perfect player experience is essential to increase direct sales and positive PR for a game and utlimately, its studio. While automation is a popular topic in the gaming industry, the time and cost it needs remain a setback and block companies from implementing it fully. In this exclusive article compiled from a wide range of sources, discover how automation can help increase efficiency in every department of a company.


Lessons Learned From The Story of Overwatch

What?! How did you manage that?!” These were the sort of remarks made by the audience at Blizzard’s short intro to QA on Overwatch at Game QA & Localization Europe in Barcelona this year, at a casual comment that QA had veto power over level design. On further questioning, it became clear that the collaboration between all functions during development was something special.

Here we get a sneak-peak into their story, exploring the high-level challenges facing a team coming from a canceled project, the importance of starting a new project with QA considerations from the beginning and wrapping a project together by leveraging QA in new ways...

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The Evolving Future of Game Quality Assurance

We all know games are becoming larger and more complex. It’s only when we actually look back at the products on the market just a few short years ago that we notice just how rapidly this technology is evolving, both in proficiency and diversity. While this is good news for gamers, the mountain of expectation continues to grow at an alarming rate for those tasked with ensuring the entire product works as intended. Gaming IQ has previously explored the way in which QA has evolved in the past to what it is today. Now, we’re turning eyes-front to see where it could – or should – be transitioning in the near future, with insight from speakers Michael 'Gryf' Weber of Gearbox Software and Sara Lane of Playtika...

PKR: Quality Assurance for Gambling Apps

The scope of this year's conference is expanding to look at a broader range of industries and interests. Stuart Pratt, delivery manager at PKR Technologies Ltd, presented a perspective from his company at the European conference, when Gaming IQ caught up with him to discuss QA in the world of online gambling. Find out where he stands on some of the key issues...


Can You Do QA In Seven Days? - An Interview With Michael Brough

7 days is not a long time, but that is how long indie developer Michael Brough works in, against the clock to get his games ready. in this interview he explains how tight deadlines have a focussing effect which helps prevent scope inflation. He also talks about managing QA as a one-man team and balancing quality issues with game features.

Quality Assurance at SEGA- An Interview with Ghulam Khan

On site at the Game QA and Localisation Forum Event in London we interviewed Ghulam Khan Head of QA & Localisation at SEGA to find out what he thought the main challeneges were in modern quality assurance and how these can be overcome. He also spoke to us about trends that he thinks will be important for the future of the field.

The Importance of Quality Assurance in Indie Companies- AJ Grand-Scrutton CEO of DLALA Studios

Recorded live on site at the London Qulaity Assurance and Localisation event, we spoke to AJ Grand-Scrutton the entertaining and loquacious CEO of DLALA Studios a small indie company responsible for the Windows game Janksy. AJ spoke to us about the importance of quality assurance in a small team.

Singing QA's Praises - An Interview with FreeStyleGames' Joe Lenton

Recorded live on site at the London Qulaity Assurance and Localisation event, we spoke to Joe Lenton, QA Manager at FreeStyleGames the creators of DJ Hero and Sing Party. Joe talked to us about the changes he's noticing in the industry and where he thinks it's headed in the coming years.